Solving design problems with a good dose of empathy thrown in.

I’m a Visual Designer with over 15 years of experience working with innovative and forward thinking companies including Netscape, CafePress, Yahoo and Aol. Recently I have been working with smaller startups to realize their product vision. I enjoy working with product teams that value accelerated concept and ideation processes to achieve their vision. 
I obsess about craft, sweat the details, and passionately champion consistency and clean visual aesthetics.  I enjoy creating visually compelling interfaces with an emphasis on simplicity, usability and function. I take a holistic approach to visual design always seeking opportunities to improve workflow and increase engagement.  My ultimate goal is building scaleable visual design systems that facilitate rapid product design and iteration cycles. 
Building awesome customer experiences requires asking questions to better understand the confluence of the users needs, business goals and vision for a product. I strive to understand the unique problems and intricacies of products, always looking for opportunities to embrace new ideas and mine insights that lead to elegant, customer centered design solutions.
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